Tuesday, April 17, 2007

how to ruin a good picture..

XYZ: When are you posting?

Heh heh: Can’t think of anything. How about a pic?

XYZ: fine

Heh heh: ok, i'm sending you a pic. please to suggest a suitable caption. And i want it done pronto

XYZ: ok

i'll try and think up something dirty :)

Heh heh: i doubt you will, once you look at it

XYZ: oh no

is it something deep?

Haven’t we discussed my allergy towards all things deep?

Heh heh: not deep. just nice. you will like.

XYZ: ok


Heh heh: sent

XYZ: it is a very pretty picture

Ok - i am thinking something about hero heroine walking to sunset

perhaps as a form of foreplay

(anything can be dirty if you try)

Heh heh: you are incorrigible. now think.

XYZ: ...then they walked hand-in-hand into the sunset, enveloped by their unshakable love and armed with trojans- ribbed for her pleasure.

Heh heh: yeah. but ribbed ones are unfair to the guy - lets go with ultra-thins

XYZ: fine

ultra-thins for enhanced sensation

see that doesn’t work as well as ribbed for her pleasure

Heh heh: it does. for the guy.

XYZ: hahahahaha

and I am incorrigible?

Heh heh: you are the one who brought condoms into a very beautiful picture

XYZ: i know but it is much too much to have a pretty picture with earnest caption

silly is good

Heh heh: yeah. but i feel like being earnest. Now, what do you think?

XYZ: the sky is incredibly blue.

See, this is the sort of nonsense i say when i am trying to be earnest

XYZ: seriously - the plane represents their soaring desires

Heh heh: You are hopeless


XYZ: post!

Heh heh: will do.

you still haven’t given me a decent caption

XYZ: i can’t do earnest

Heh heh: then do funny

XYZ: i did!

Heh heh: otherwise i'll post that pic and this chat conversation

XYZ: i am not afraid of you

as long as you spell check

oh wait

this is the crush conversation

i hate you

Heh heh: oh, i'm not cruel

i'll just put the bits about the condoms

and let people know the kind of dirty-minded friends i have

Heh heh: And the post will be titled 'how to ruin a good picture..'

[1] Photo taken from an unnamed off Netarts, Oregon


Anonymous said...


Revealed said...

I could think of sooooo many incredibly umm creative captions for that one. If only you'd asked. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

tsk, such friends you have. neither filthy, nor funny enough.

Brown Magic

Heh Heh said...

anon: thanks, as always

revealed: Please go ahead and suggest away. Never too late, no?

bm: right. I imagine you would have come up with something funnier. and if not that, definitely filthier.

Tabula Rasa said...

you mean those are not correlated?

Heh Heh said...

tr: not necessarily, no?

Ph said...

Why don't people ever ask me such things. *sigh*

Tabula Rasa said...

i'd say there's a pretty high correlation, which could be either positive or negative depending on the eye of the beholder :-D

Heh Heh said...

ph: sure, if there was *any* way of asking you, I would have

TR: Heh. but it could also be filthy and unfunny. But i guess you would call that a negative correlation