Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A time to act

This thing - it has gone on for too long. It makes me disgusted of myself and irritable all the time. Every day when I look into the mirror, it's not the bloodshot eyes or the stubble that hasn't been trimmed for weeks that bother me - its this thing i have to face as I stare at my reflection.

It happens to me from time to time, you know. It's easy to not watch out and keep track of what you are up to when life gets a tad busy. You think you are all out of it, and you slowly slip back into old ways. The last time was a few months ago - but that was winter, but then I at least have the excuse that winters are depressing. This time around, I didn't even realize.

But there is still hope. There always is. In fact, what surprises me is how easy the remedy is, and how in spite of it, I allow myself to be this way.

An elderly arabic gentleman who lives in my neighborhood and plays the Oud will be my saviour. For today is hair-cut day.


Big Wave said...

i *love* that men are just as wound up as women about haircuts. and are almost universally disappointed?
though if it didn't turn out as you wanted, you wouldn't sit in the chair, the plastic sheet still wrapped arond you, with fat tears forming in its folds now, would you?

Revealed said...

Are you getting pink streaks or no? Cos if not, I want no part of this conversation. Hmpph.

Brown Magic said...

@big wave - i could totally see him do that.

Heh Heh said...

big wave:
i wasn't wound up, as much as concerned about the flock of birds that had started nesting there. and its easy for us. sit down - say, "the regular" and it usually turns out okay.

revealed: No. Does that mean this conversation is over? :)

bm: Hey! hamaare samaaj mein badon ka aadar kiya jaata hai.

Tabula Rasa said...

"stubble that hasn't been trimmed for WEEKS"?

wouldn't this land you in mahesh yogi territory? or do you have chinese blood?

Revealed said...

Notice marked silence.

Ph said...

If there are pink streaks or tears involved, I want in. YouTube will suffice. A before and after thing will also work. Thank you.

Heh Heh said...

tr: Yes. Mahesh Yogi territory indeed. And no Chinese blood - I suspect I'm closer to the apes than the average human. Damned sprouts on the back even.

revealed: noticing. :)

ph: i have a feeling pink streaks and graying hair are not a great combination.

Big Wave said...

yeah yeah that's what they all say.
and then you see them fret and tug and tuck pat their hair all day going, "this one bit just won't stop sticking out." and then when you're not looking, they'll go get a second haircut which they'll then whine "almost took my scalp off".
just cry and get it over with already!

Ph said...

I agree. Cry. And pink and grey SO works. Not like hot pink or anything.

Heh Heh said...

big wave: tsk tsk. so much angst against the poor helpless male of the species.

ph: There. Done. I would do *anything* for you, greatest unrequited love of my life.