Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter from mentaldeviation!

*Inspired by cheery "Happy Easter" posts like these.


Falstaff said...

Ooh! nice. the Easter bunny from Omen.

Makes sense, if you think about it. I mean this Christ guy rose from the grave after being dead for a couple of days right? That's enough to put anyone in a bad mood. I mean, hey, I get a mean hangover from a coffee-mug worth of Smirnoff. I don't even want to imagine what having the sins of all mankind thrust down your throat would do to you.

Heh Heh said...

Ouch. Ouch.
Also, the coffee-mug worth of Smirnoff from T-nite 2001. The day falstaff took off..

Megha said...

Hey! Bah! We do cheer just like you do fear and they each have their place in the world. Plus where else would people run to after visiting your blog? So there.

And just 'cos you mocked us, were now gonna twirl around on our toes, make big cutesy eyes, and boing-boing away from your commentspace going wheeeee!

Now who's running away in fear? Huh huh?

Heh Heh said...

No. NO!
Not the dreaded Wheee!

Megha said...

Its wheeeee not wheee, thank you very much. Three e-s for you and two for your bunny. Yeah, like that.

*dusts hands and walks off contentedly*