Tuesday, January 09, 2007

addendum to list of comics

Here's a couple more strange 'uns.

The tao of geek : It features geeks and talks about, amongst other things, grad school, non-replicating artificial intelligences, and unemployment - all of which are to my mind, one and the same. It's along the same lines as Phdcomics, just a lot more twisted.

And while we are still on it, you might want to check out "The doppler effect", based on a story by friend and one time drinking buddy fadereu, who also blogs here [1]. Though a bit dated (it was written around the time of the gujarat riots), it's dark, interesting and thought provoking.

[1] It might not be apparent, but both my blog and his blog share the same designer.


Fadereu said...

my drinking buddy...hmmmmmm. i wonder who it is.

is it you, God?

Heh Heh said...