Monday, September 18, 2006

Huffin' Puffin

For those of who keep wondering, no, i did not really mean all that I said in that previous piece of demagoguery. One of these days, I'll try to come up with an equally half-arsed piece on why everything comes from India.That's what happens when you eat too much fish. Picture taken in the frigid waters off the coast of the Kenai peninsula, Alaska.
This little thing here is called a marmot. Harding Icefield trail, Alaska.Sea Otter. Darned thing is leading the life i want.

And here's some seals and sunny snow-capped mountains and all that jazz.


Mala said...

Weird coincidence. I was reading a book about Mongolia (ok it was about Genghis Khan) just last night where there is a gory description of how marmots are cooked out on the wild steppes. And I was wondering what the heck a marmot looks like.

meditativerose said...

f-ing awesome pictures. does this mean at some point in the not too distant future, we will get to see the rest as well?
damn slow focusing cameras!! (or incorrect settings :( )

Falstaff said...

mala: Actually, the marmot in the picture is Marmota Broweri - the Alaskan Marmot, while the marmots the Mongols were eating were most likely either Bobak Marmots (Marmota Bobak) or Menzbier's Marmots (Marmota Menzbieri), which would have looked very different from the marmot in the picture. To see what the Bobak Marmot looks like, see here:

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. and welcome back.


Mala said...

Falstaff: OK that was scary :-)

Heh heh: Please move to Alaska. Have my trip there almost planned. Just need place to crash.

Amarula said...

you went to alaska?? lucky you. your posts are superb..